Fully furnished apartments often attract a significant number of tenants. There are numerous reasons that account for this. One of the major reasons that may account for this is the fact that fully furnished apartments can be rented by tenants that are very busy. In particular, tenants which are too busy to transport their personal household goods from one location to the physical location of the apartment. Based on this, individuals who have prospects of renting fully furnished apartments are not required to worry about hiring property movers. But, there are certain things that you may never do if you were renting an apartment which is fully furnished. The following may never be done by tenants who are renting fully furnished apartments in san Antonio.

First of all, it is usually not possible to buy more household goods if you are renting an apartment which is fully furnished. This is mainly because the apartment may not have more space to accommodate any new household goods. Landlords who own fully furnished apartments often have issues with tenants that add more household goods to efficiency apartments for rent that have been fully furnished. For example, you may not be allowed to change a set of dining chairs. You have to sit down with your landlord before you can take such a step. Most landlords often want to preserve the initial state of the apartment for purposes of attracting more tenants. But, you will be at liberty to add more household goods if your landlord says so. In most cases, the contract stipulates the general rules and regulations that your landlord will be happy with.

Not only will your landlord object to the idea of adding more household goods to their small apartment rentals, but one may also dismiss the idea of changing any of the current household goods that are currently present in the house. Most landlords do not accept tenants that willingly change household goods without seeking audience first. Based on this, you have to try by all means to sit down with your landlord before you can think about changing any household goods. For example, your landlord may not be happy with the idea of removing the bedroom suit without seeking permission first. You have to sit down your landlord before you can take such a step. In general, you have to get permission before making any serious change to the apartment as a whole. This general rule is more serious when it comes to fully furnished apartments compared to apartments that are not fully furnished.

When renting any fully furnished apartment, you are not supposed to damage any household goods. This is one of the worst cons that are associated with these apartments. In most cases, contract agreements between landlords and tenants often include penalties for damaging any household goods that had been bought by the landlord. You need to be very careful when dealing with a fully furnished apartment. Some landlords may charge you twice for damaging a single household furniture product.